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Wedding Party : Groomsman - Derek Eversmann
derekDerek has been Damien's only brother for, well.... all of Derek's life. As is the case with most siblings, Damien and Derek, growing up, were often at odds. Their parents say this was because Damien was the outgoing and oppressive one. This was accentuated when Damien left for college and Derek grew to fill his space. There was no room for the two egos upon Damien's first visit home. Finally, after Derek, too, had left for college, this situation relaxed. When Damien visited Derek in Europe for two weeks of site-seeing in June 1999, the fortnight of sleeping on trains and infrequent showering set against the backdrop of some of the most beautiful locales in the world soothed the differences. Since, the two have been good friends and Damien is honored to have Derek standing up at the wedding with him.